The annual Manatt-Phelps Lecture in Political Science was established by Charles T. and Kathleen Manatt together with Thomas and Elizabeth Phelps in 2002.

This prestigious lecture, usually held in the fall, brings to campus a prominent practitioner or scholar to address the ISU community on issues of significance to the United States and to Iowa in international political economy.

If Not Us, Who: Human Dignity in the 21st Century
Senator Ben Sasse
Political and Economic Transition at Home and Abroad
Ali Velshi
The Dynamics of ISIS: Its Origins and Implications for the United States
Malcolm Nance
Our Divided Political Heart: Campaign 2016
E.J. Dionne, Jr.
How Far Have We Come, What Lies Ahead?
Nirupama Rao
50 Years of French-German Friendship
Fran├žois M. Delattre and Peter Ammon
American Foreign Policy after Iraq and Afghanistan
Lee H. Hamilton
Whither the Global Economy?
Kazuhide Ishikawa
U.S.-Spanish Relations in the 21st Century
His Excellency Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarrendo
A Canadian Conversation with the New U.S. President
The Honorable Lloyd Axworthy
Trends and Issues in the World Marketplace
Frederick W. Smith
Rethinking America's Future Security
Joseph Biden
A View from the Senate: Foreign Policy and Economic Issues
Chuck Hagel
The European Union and the Global Economy
Jan Eliasson
Outside Looking in: International Perspective on U.S. Foreign Policy
Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista
Global Development, Trade Liberalization and the American Response
Charles Manatt